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Look at My Colour and Tell Me Who I Am
Colours are everywhere, they influence not only our moods, but our behaviours as well. Whether we are aware of it or not, each of us is guided by a dominant colour, one that is a direct reflection of our inner personality.
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Are You a Red or Green Christmas Shopper?
Christmas is a special time of year full of colour and music and gaiety. It is also a time when we tend to spend more money than we really can afford. Whether it's a car, a can of biscuits, or a box of Christmas crackers, the product's colour may have been the trigger mechanism that made us buy it.
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TEST YOURSELF : Personality

Calculate Your EQ
The Emotional Quotient measures an individualís capacity to maximize his personal traits and social skills.

What's Your True Colour?
Colours influence our mood, our behaviour, and thus, our personality. Each individualís personality can be likened to a specific colour.
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Calculate your Emotional Quotient and locate the strong points of your personality

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Calculate Your EQ  
What's Your True Colour?  

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