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MAGAZINE : Personality

Are You a Red or Green Christmas Shopper?

Christmas is a special time of year full of colour and music and gaiety. It is also a time when we tend to spend more money than we really can afford. Whether it's a car, a can of biscuits, or a box of Christmas crackers, the product's colour may have been the trigger mechanism that made us buy it.

Reds, yellows, and bright oranges are commonly found on all products for the youth. They relay a playful feeling and an urge to have fun. Remember, Tickle-Me-Elmo was a Christmas best-seller. Whether in a child or in an adult, the sight of warm colours as perceived by our nervous system makes the heart beat faster and raises the body temperature. On the other hand, a cool colour such as blue will be used to give an idea of calmness and serenity. This is why dairy products are represented in blue packaging, especially when they want to convince you that they are good for your health.

By transmitting their message, manufacturers are moving into the world of the subconscious, where urges override reflection. This way, they can skilfully direct buyer behaviours. Red, blue, yellow, and green are the most commonly used colours in the packaging of food products. We can thus see why black, which expresses self-restraint and wisdom, is rarely used except for food products like coffee, which is exactly of the same colour. Manufacturers and advertising companies are taking advantage of the profound influence of colours on our buying habits. How many times have you come back from the supermarket and upon unpacking your purchases said to yourself, 'Why the heck did I buy that?'

An impulse-buy surely, but where did the impulse come from? Possibly the careful use of stimulating colours that caught you in exactly the right mood to reach for the product in a trance-like state.


Colours influence not only our mood and our behaviour, but also our personality. Take the colour test now to find your true colour

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