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MAGAZINE : Personality

Look at My Colour and Tell Me Who I Am

Colours are everywhere, they influence not only our moods, but our behaviours as well. Whether we are aware of it or not, each of us is guided by a dominant colour, one that is a direct reflection of our inner personality.

Why are classroom walls never painted red whilst some of the world's most recognised name brands are symbolised by the colour red? Because people do a lot more than just see and appreciate colour; humans perceive and interact with colour in a highly visceral manner. Varying shades and hues of coulours can excite or warm us, while others may calm or sooth us. What is clear is that there is a psychological connection to colour that goes far deeper than simple like or dislike for a particular shade.

The talent of a colour-coordinator is proof of this: these colour symbolism professionals are called upon to increase levels of concentration in a classroom, enhance the display of an art gallery, the well-being of employees in an office...

And it works! After consulting a colour consultant, a British city repainted an entire bridge which had become a jump-off point for many suicides. In less than a year, the number of suicides had dropped more than 50%. Calming the nerves, feeling better and increasing productivity are but a few of the benefits of colour-coding a subconscious message to the brain. Understanding the symbolism linked to our true colours enables us to comprehend which psychological mechanisms drive us, which totems govern our personality, how we react in the face of hardship and behave in society.


Colours influence not only our mood and our behaviour, but also our personality. Take the colour test now to find your true colour

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