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MAGAZINE : Love Life

The Seven Principles of Tantra

Anyone can make love, but how many can actually make it last? Tantra is open to any couple who is open to taking their sexuality to new heights, and eventually leading the way to ultimate bliss!

Needless to say, the quickie is not the best kind of sex. Tantra is a thousand-year-old philosophy that focuses on elevating and prolonging the physical connection between two individuals. Tantra is the result of Taoist and Buddhist beliefs, whose aim is to heighten and prolong the physical and spiritual connections that exist between two people. And thatís just summing it up!

Those who practice it benefit through the teachings of yoga in order to establish a connection between body and soul. At the root of this practice is the belief that there lies a masculine and a feminine polarity within each and every one of us. Its goal is to compliment this duality. Sexual unity must adopt a particularly slow rhythm which allows one to internalise desire and enter an ecstatic state of mind: in synchronicity with the universe outside of individualistic preoccupations.

In other words, the orgasm is not a priority in the Tantra; what counts above all are the means used to attain it. It's the journey rather than the destination which is essential! Tantra involves long caresses and an intense sensuality which results in a particularly powerful physical and mental connection with your partner. Before you start practicing tantric exercises, follow these seven rules:


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