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MAGAZINE : Love Life

7 deadly sins...7 mistakes men make in bed

Men are sometimes unaware of what women physically expect during a bedroom romp, so convinced are they that all is going smoothly...when in fact they are totally wrong. Are men victims of their own egos?

1. Skipping foreplay
Amorous ardor and desire are sometimes so strong that they can push some to forgetting all about foreplay. However, this isn't reason enough for you to throw yourself onto your partner each time! She may need her erogenous zones to be awakened. Yes, she does desire you, but she'd also like to have an appetizer before the main dish.... Kisses, caresses, sensual rubbing, soft words whispered in her have a wide range of sensual activities to choose from.

2. Ignoring her body-language
A woman, and especially one you have just met, may prove to be a little shy about telling you what she expects from you. On the other hand, the signals emitted through her body language are quite straightforward. You must be attuned to them. Pay attention to the way she reacts to your caresses, and respect her choice if she seems not to enjoy a particular gesture. Be soft and gentle with her. Of course, if she appears totally rigid to your advances, it may well be you're not doing enough.

3. Overdoing it
A woman is usually up to doing new things in bed. Suggest a new position or a role-playing fantasy to fulfill, but don't just go straight to the target without telling her about it beforehand. Never precipitate the act; a woman often wants to prolong the preliminaries. Once you both agree on a position, nothing prevents you from changing a few things around. After all, you're not on a Kama Sutra Guidebook photoshoot!


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