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MAGAZINE : Intelligence

Does Junk Food Harm Your IQ?

"I'll juts grab a burger on the way"; sound familair? Taking time to carfully plan and prepare nutricious food can be tough in today's fast paced world but beware; that side trip to the drive through may be harming much more than just your waistline.

Many fast food outlets have been dubbed with the term 'junk food' but the real junk may actually be lurking already inside your refrigerator. There is plenty of nutritionless food still to be found in supermarket aisles despite a general push towards 'healthy living'. Frozen meals, industrially-sliced breads, cookies, yoghurts and desserts are just a few items that may be loaded with either salt or sugar or both. Common items that we habitually throw into our shopping trolleys can pervert our taste buds and may adversely effect our intelligence in the process.

A medical study conducted by Californian university students demonstrated that, IQ levels varied according to nutritional intake. The researchers observed differences of close to ten IQ points directly linked to food intake.


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