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MAGAZINE : Career/Job

Is this where your C.V. is filed?

Is your C.V. catching employers eyes or clogging up the shredder? You too can apply advertising techniques when writing your C.V. After all, the purpose of the C.V. is to sell yourself to employers and get them excited about your skills and experience.

Qualify your target audience - Do not just make a generic C.V. with no clear job objective and too many general details. Send that type of C.V. to dozens of companies; you'll be lucky to get even a single interview. Remember that a C.V. is basically an advertisement for yourself. What you have to do is show yourself in the best light and grab the attention of the recruiter. You must fine tune your C.V. for each job to which you apply. Keep the details in the C.V. absolutely relevant to the job objective, position, and company. For example, if you're applying for a job at the bank, they won't be interested in the fact that you worked for the community newspaper, but you'll want to put that detail in if you're looking for a job as a magazine editor.

Keep it short and sweet - The most memorable taglines are often the shorter ones...who could forget something as simple as 'Just do it'? As mentioned in the first tip, keep only your relevant experiences...this will also keep your resume at a short but sweet length. Remember that employers will be looking at hundreds of other applicants' resumes, and if they spot anything over three pages long with long blocks of text, they're unlikely to read it in great detail and then may miss the highlight that you buried six lines in.


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